GamesLabs and Minescape QoL Mod Usage



  • Minecraft 1.14.x-1.16.x with Forge

Changelog for v0.6.3

  • Added support for RNG boosters
  • Fixed compatibility with latest GamesLabs version (s6)


  • /config
  • configure the mod, also can be done via Forge mods list
  • /resetcounter
  • reset the XP/H estimation counter
  • /wiki <article with spaces allowed>
  • (/wiki_ works for autocompletion)


  • Companion windownew
  • Custum GUI for amount input (press ENTER to use last amount if left empty, or to sumbit)
  • Custum GUI for text input (yes, ENTER works)
  • Estimated minutes until skill level up
  • Estimated XP/H
  • Hide numbers in sidebar and show ping (TODO: allow configuring both individually), can toggle visibility with a keybind
  • Optional tip hiding
  • Removed right-click hitboxes from some things that just get in the waynew
  • Slayer sidebarnew
  • Timer displaying remaining DXP time

Upcoming features

  • /map ingame display
  • Overlay to show current job
  • /starttimer to start XP timer which will hopefully make it more accurate

Changelog for v0.6.2

  • Fixed compatibility with latest GamesLabs version (s5)

Changelog for v0.6.1

  • Ability to toggle season effects (doesn't apply to already loaded chunks)
  • Fixed a crash on 1.16.x with scrolling
  • Minescape Leagues now detected as Minescape for UIs and overlays

Changelog for v0.6

  • 1.16.4 support (should work for all 1.16 versions)
  • Added season support, currently only added winter
  • Added support for child mods
  • Custom icon when connected to GamesLabs
  • Fixed varius issues and improved performance
  • Swapped default keybindings for Scoreboard and Slayer display

Changelog for v0.5

  • Automatic DXP detection (no more needing to /xp)
  • Fixed player collision issue
  • Removed right-click hitboxes from some things that just get in the way
  • [WIP] Companion window

Changelog for v0.4.2

  • Added colors and banner to mod list entry
  • Support for both XP modes

Changelog for v0.4.1

  • Option to hide NPCs from playerlist
  • Sorting in playerlist
  • Whitelist changes no longer require config deletion

Changelog for v0.4

  • Added to the whitelist
  • Added update detection
  • Fixed Y position of XP/H being incorrect sometimes
  • Mostly fixed compatibility with latest GamesLabs version (s2p11)

Changelog for v0.3.2

  • Added a keybind to toggle hiding the sidebar (only works with override)
  • Fixed an NPE from the ping detection

Changelog for v0.3.1

  • Fixed a few bugs with scoreboard override
  • Fixed wiki_ not working correctly

Changelog for v0.3

  • Ability to move overlays between left and right sides or screen
  • Auto completion for handled commands
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to clicking in config
  • Fixed overlays not displaying in creative mode (probably staff only)
  • Handled commands are now added to the chat input history
  • Sidebar override to hide numbers and show ping
  • Overlays on the left side hide when chat input is visible
  • /wiki override to display basic info in-game (tables and some complex data don't show, it's a limitation of the wiki)
  • /wiki_ autocompleting alternative for /wiki

Changelog for v0.2.1

  • Snapping in sliders (GUI improvement)
  • Support for NUMPAD_ENTER in amount and text inputs
  • Option to hide tips

Changelog for v0.2

  • Ability to add servers to whitelist via config
  • Added to the whitelist
  • Bug fixes
  • Custom GUIs for amount and text input
  • Estimated XP/H
  • Reworked config GUI for when more options are added
  • Support for Minecraft 1.14.4